Eagle BBQ in a Box

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Eagle BBQ in a Box
Our most popular gift!
A clear gift box containing our two
best selling custom-blended grill
rubs in 4 oz. golf ball-shaped tins
and our golfer’s grilling cookbook
tied together with a raffia bow.
(just add the steak)
  • Spicy Chipotle
  • Savory Herb
I'd Rather be Grilling!
unique products for golfers who like to grill...
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Contains products pictured below:
"I'd Rather be Grilling"
Golfer's  Cookbook
A fun novelty cookbook for golfers.
Features simple grilling recipes with
golf-related names, such as:
  • "Hole in One"  calamari
  •  Smokin' "birdie"
  • "Gimme" another buffalo wing
Spicy Chipotle Grill Rub
Warning this rub is HOT
and delicious on steaks
and burgers!

Ingredients: chipotle
chile, paprika, garlic,
pepper, cayenne pepper,
cumin, raw sugar
Savory Herb Grill Rub
Great for fish, chicken
or even a Thanksgiving

Ingredients: rosemary,
tarragon, chives,
onion, celery salt,
paprika, salt, pepper,
garlic, cayenne pepper,
mustard, allspice, bay
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